Monday, September 11, 2017

Natural Eye Care Tips

Eyes are the main feature on your face and they are very sensitive so along with the care of other parts eyes care is also important.You can easily protect your and eyes and make them shine by paying a little attention to them.Here are some tips for eyes care.

    In morning when you wake up put water in a bowl or a plate or you can also take water in your palm and dip your eyes one by one in water slowly open and close them it will clean the particles gathered at night.
    For cleansing purpose you can also take rose water and dip the eyes in it first it will irritate but after few seconds it will make the eyes very clear and it also strengthens your eyes.

    If you have weak eyesight take a cotton bud and cover it with honey and then apply into eyes like kajol it will also irritate but it is the b est tonic for eyes.
    To increase the size of eyelashes and make them thick apply olive oil on eyelashes at night before going to sleep.
    To remove dark circles take 2 slices of cucumber and cover your eyes from it daily for 20 mins.It will reduce the eye circles.
    For instant removal of dirk circles for sometime like if you are going on a party and you want your dirk circles to be disappeared take two slices of fresh potato and cover your eyes from it for 20 mins,dark circles will disappear for 3 hours.
    In morning when you wake up rub your hands and then rub them on eyes it also reduces dark circles.
    The best way to healthy and fresh eyes is proper sleep.Try to take proper sleep of 8 hours.